About Our Company


Our Company is a leading international service provider of web fax services. It permits end-users to send out and get web fax utilizing the web user interface, an e-mail customer or other efficiency fax tools. Our Company is a web fax option for both private specialists (SMEs and SoHos) and for business clients who satisfy their faxing requirements by our outsourced services. Take advantage of a 24/7 extremely redundant web fax service.
Amongst the apparent benefits of an Online fax service over conventional fax devices, among the significant factors services are switching to fax by Internet is cost performance. Another factor is privacy: with an online fax service just account holders have access to fax messages. It is likewise eco-friendly-- an online fax service assists to a more eco-friendly workplace. Ultimately, Our Company is a mobile fax service: faxes are offered on your email and online account anytime and anywhere you have a web connection.